Roy Haynes with Booker Ervin – Cracklin’ (New Jazz NJ 8286)

Discographical Details Artist: Roy Haynes with Booker Ervin. Title: Cracklin’. Label and Catalogue Number: New Jazz NJ 8286. Personnel: Booker Ervin (tenor sax); Ronnie Mathews (piano); Larry Ridley (bass); Roy Haynes (drums). Side 1: Scoochie; Dorian; Sketch of Melba. Side 2: Honeydew; Under Paris Skies; Bad News Blues. Recording Date: 6 April 1963 at theContinue reading “Roy Haynes with Booker Ervin – Cracklin’ (New Jazz NJ 8286)”

Booker Ervin – The Freedom Book (Prestige PRST 7295)

Discographical Details Artist: Booker Ervin. Title: The Freedom Book. Label and Catalogue Number: Prestige PRST 7295. Personnel: Booker Ervin (tenor sax); Jaki Byard (piano); Richard Davis (bass); Alan Dawson (drums). Side 1: A Lunar Tune; Cry Me Not; Grant’s Stand. Side 2: A Day To Mourn; Al’s In. Recording Date: 3 December 1963 at theContinue reading “Booker Ervin – The Freedom Book (Prestige PRST 7295)”